Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vietnam- General Impressions and Random Thoughts by Dave

We are taking a moment to reflect...

Vietnam was good. Way better than Cambodia, although I think the Cambodian people were more friendly. Or maybe they just were more bored. Or needed our money more. Here the people that talk to you are very nice, but not like in Cambodia. The streets are much cleaner (although you would find them dirty if you never went to Cambodia). I would say that the entire country could use some paint. But it really is a nice place.

To rank where we've been- 1) Hoi An 2) Saigon 3) Can Tho 4) Chau Doc 5) Hanoi. Hanoi had the best hotel that we've stayed in, but Hoi An and Saigon were nice too. Hoi An was fun cause we bought stuff indiscriminately. Saigon was way more interesting a city than Hanoi, and it was real easy to eat there.

If you've read my posts at all, I am certainly ready to come home. I miss my dog, my bed, my clothes, tap water, credit cards, clean streets, lack of perspiration.... But besides that, Vietnam has been pretty good. I'm sure Carrie is typing that she wants to move here (hell, she wanted to move to Cambodia to teach English for a year), but I think the most I would come back for is a holiday in Hoi An or the like. I won't be taking such a long trip probably ever again, but maybe a 2 week vacation or something. If only I can be so blessed to take vacations in Vietnam for 2 weeks.

The food has probably been the biggest difference between expectations and reality. It is all good, but not like Thai food. I found myself eating a lot of Western Food just because I wasn't craving Vietnamese. Doubtful that will happen in Thailand- as much Tom Ka Ga and Pad Thai and Pad Se Ew as I can eat.

Oh- and the whole country loves brand names. Fake Lacoste, Dolce and Gabana, Nike, Puma, etc everywhere! I wonder if a real Lacoste store would do well here.

Not much else. 2.5 more weeks. It will be a relief to get home and relax for most of August (besides the economics, accounting, etc that I need to start reading).

Off to Laos...!

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  1. Great blog, but I am not sure you two are on the same trip. Carrie is loving every minute and you Dave want to come home to your creature comforts. Dave, you knew Carrie had wanderlust in her. I think I know you well enough to realize that you will be the one raving about how fantastic the trip was-how Carrie held you back. Just think, she could have taken a job over there and you could be attending the University of Thailand for your MBA.
    Just 3 more weeks and then you get to settle down in Boston and spend every waking minute studying and writing papers. Think about it.