Monday, June 15, 2009

Singapore Day 1 and 2

A lot to catch up on. Not much time. First off- we have added pictures to the post below.

Alright, so- post blogging we headed up the street to the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. This was a impressive Hindi temple. Lots of cool depications of the holy things from the the Hindi religion. It was underconstruction (like everything we try to go see) but was a sight from the outside nonetheless.

After that we walked up to another Hindi Temple. We will call it the Temple of the Unknown Name, since we don't know the name . You were required to take your shoes off to go in which was a little weird at first, but as we discovered on day 2, you must do that everywhere except the Buddhist Temple in Chinatown. Anyways, we got some great pictures of a lot of things that we don't really understand. We may or may not have seen the end of an Indian wedding.

After strolling past a Mosque, we happened upon a Taoist temple- the Taoist Leong San See temple. It was very beautiful, and we were nervous to enter until a monk gave us a very zen-like wave and invited us in. Made of wood and with a buddha in the entrance, it was very nice. No pictures allowed inside- here is the Buddha.

Across the street is the to the Sakay Muni Buddha Gaya Temple (Temple of 1000 lights). This temple had a 15meter tall seated Buddha. This was one big Buddha.

So, when you are walking thru an area that your tourist book describes as ''pungent", why not try food from stalls. We tried a fruit (probably grown in the aforementioned temple, since we call it the Fruit of No Name). Its definitly from Malaysia, and seasonal. The owner of the stand broke one open for us to try, thereby letting us taste strange fruit, but somehow getting the taste of obligation to buy.

On our bus back to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) we passed by Singapore Idol auditions. We did not audition. Then a trip to Border's Cafe for coffee and Singapore Cheesecake (ok, NY Cheesecake, but we felt dumb eating food we can get at home). A little shopping with no purchases and then back home for pool and shower.

For the evening we decided to do the Night Safari down by the zoo. This was quite a trip, but we navigated the MRT successfully. We walked in, and were greated by a bunch of theme park shops. You have seen these at home at Disney World, Kings Dominion, etc. Except for the massage/spa stall that included a crazy foot spa thing!

Dinner was Satay and BBQ chicken wings (Singapore style, not Hard Times Cafe style), and a exhibition of tribal dancers. Then we went to the Night show- a presentation geared mostly for children, but included a Boa constrictor, a hyenna, otters, and some animals that we forgot there names. After that we paid 10 $ for the Night Safari Tram. On the ride we saw hippos, rhinos, lions, tigers, bears (oh my), giraffes, deer, antelope, anteater, buffalo, clouded leopard and more. Many were doing activities you don't normally see, since it was night (duh). We will pass on the message that you should do what you can to save these animals since they are going extinct. That would include not buying tiger fur, etc.

Trent. This is for you and Kim. After we got back to the city we were still a bit hungry, and the only thing open was a 24 hour McDonalds. QPC again. As a note, we don't eat this at home, so it is sort of Asian cuisine for us.

Woke up this morning, watched the end of Licensed to Wed (not that good), and got moving. Off to Chinatown. Lots of touristy stands on Pagoda Street (purchases: 1 pair of chinese slippers, 1 fan, 1 apple muffin, 1 egg tart (interesting), and some water). Then on to more temples.

One of the main things we (Carrie) wanted to see in Singapore was the Sri Mariamman Temple decorative steeple. TY-PIC-AL. Under construction. But we took off our shoes and went in for some good pics and priest rituals.

Then to Masjid Jamae Mosque. We didn't go much past the entry way, as there were people in there praying.

Then to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. This was awesome! It was built recently (we think 2008, but could be wrong), and was extravagant. A 100 Buddhas on the wall, and a huge Future Buddha. See pics for more.

Lunch was in the Maxwell Food Center. We skipped the Chicken with Fungus, the pigs brains- but I had fried noodles and dumplings, while Carrie went with a Wonton Soup and Noodle thing. Carrie also drank fresh watermelon juice that she liked. Total $9 for everything. Just a bit cheaper than dinner at Newton Hawker Center.

Then we walked around a bit, went to a pharmacy (did I mention that I forgot all of my acid-reflux medicine). We found one, but it didn't have an American-style selection, so maybe in Cambodia. Haha, never thought I would type that sentence.

A little more walking and then here. We are off to shop in 'real stores' for a bit (there are malls everywhere. Literally, it feels like one large open air mall here), and then off to dinner with Carrie's friend from work Yvonne. And Raffles for a Singapore Sling (which happened to be my first drink with my Dad when I turned 21, and his first with his Dad long ago). We will let you know how it was later- probably when we are in Cambodia, since our flight is at 7 am. Oy Vey.

Oh yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA. You are a great big sister (and sister-in-law)! Love you!


  1. Hi kids,
    I'm having a great time enjoying your trip throuh your eyes and your blog. I hope the rst of your trip is as good as the first week.
    All is well here. Yesterday we had supper with the aunts and uncles in New Hope and had a great time.
    Don't forget to take your malaria pills and don't forget to be street smart-watch our money. The most intersing part of your trip is to start now. Continue to have fun and continue with your blog.

  2. your trip continues to amaze us - all that youare doing and seeing and experiencing! Your blog and pictures are so interesting that I feel we have saved thousands by not having to journey to that part of the world that you have been to thus far and will be going to!
    Cody got groomed at PetSmart today - he looks so adorable!! He loves to play and he really keeps us BUSY!!!

    Cody went to the groomer today and when he came back, the first thing he did was go to your room and check if you were there!!! The second thing he did was sit upstairs and bark bark and bark. He is getting along well with the Chaffin's dogs, they go nose to nose for about 30 seconds and then generally ?ee in sequence near the same spot when they are together. He is now sort of eating out of a bowl, sort of, because he likes to spill it out on the carpet and then gobbles it up. He goes to sleep on your mother's side of the bed and then moves to his bed, which is in the center rear of ours. He is sleeping straight through the night and only gets up when he hears the garage door open. He is getting his exercise by doing laps around the kitchen/dining room/living room loop and loves to make us catch him when we need to go out. He is a real speedster, and has learned to basically taunt us when he knows he needs to go into the den. When we come back and let him out, he just jumps for joy. I think he is having a good time with us, and except when he tears up the plants, bites the cushions and barks too loud, so are we.
    Keep having a great trip, and when the time is right, take lots of Inmodium sooner rather than later. FROM YOUR DAD...